Transmission Repair in Phoenix: The Sounds, Sights, and Smells of Trouble

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How can you tell if you have transmission problems?  Transmissions can exhibit quite a few warning signs…

Get Transmission Repair Phoenix | 623-849-9392

Get Transmission Repair Phoenix | 623-849-9392

The Sounds and Sights of Transmission Problems

First off, let’s take sound.  A transmission that is starting to go often will make a grinding or popping sound.  If your vehicle lurches when you accelerate or when you put it into gear, you probably have transmission problems.  You want to make sure that you do a couple of things with this symptom.  First off, check your warranty to see if your transmission is covered.  Some manufacturers have a limited warranty on power trains up until a certain mileage.  The next thing you want to find out is whether or not your auto mechanic can work on your transmission in house, or whether or not he will have to farm it out.  The more your car changes hands, the higher your repair bill will be.  That pretty much covers the sounds a bad transmission will make, but what visual clues are there for transmission problems?

First off check your transmission fluid.  Transmission fluid should be reddish in color.  If your transmission fluid is dark to the point of being black, it may be time to have your transmission serviced.  If you also notice any drips of transmission fluid on your carport or your garage it could mean that you have a broken seal somewhere.  Unlike motor oil, transmission fluid should stay about the same level.  If you find that your transmission fluid is low, it is a sign of a leak somewhere.  That covers the sights of transmission problems, but what about the smell?

Transmission Issues:  You Can Sometimes Tell by the Smell

Transmission fluid has a sickly sweet smell, and as such, that is what it should smell like when you check your transmission fluid.  If, on the other hand it smells burnt, and appears dark, you probably have a problem in your transmission somewhere.  So remember, that transmission repair is based on a combination of sights, sounds, and smells.  Regardless of how you determine that there is something up with your transmission, you don’t want to delay on getting it fixed.

The longer you ignore a transmission problem, the worse it will get.  Sooner or later, your car is just going to break down, and transmission repairs are not cheap as a rule.  So remember, take care of your car.  Look, listen, and take a whiff.  And get your car into a transmission repair shop in Phoenix.

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