Transmission Repair in Phoenix and Your Vehicle

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Transmission repair in Phoenix should always be done by a professional mechanic.

Need transmission repair?  Give us a call 623-849-9392

Need transmission repair? Give us a call 623-849-9392

Transmission Repair in Phoenix:  Taking Care of Your Power Train

Your car’s automatic transmission system is one of the most important systems in any vehicle and undoubtedly one of the most complex.  In just your transmission, there are over 800 parts.  But what a lot of people don’t know is that your transmission is part of a larger system called the power train

Transmission repairs therefore rank highly as one of the most complex set of problems in auto repair. Many car owners, especially car enthusiasts and those with some auto repair skills will often want to fix their car problems themselves. While this might present some cost-cutting advantages and enjoyment for the enthusiast, transmission problems are better dealt with at the auto shop due to the complexity of the system. Here, we share seven reasons why the auto shop is the best option for fixing repairs associated with the transmission.

  1. Cost Savings

When personally repairing the transmission of your car in your garage, you may benefit from cost savings because you do away with labor costs. This is especially true for a minor transmission repair involving replacement of computer sensors or Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). However, while fixing complex issues with the transmission is possible, you will often need expensive supplies and tools, which might be more expensive than the cost of taking your car to the auto repair shop. Taking your car to an auto repair shop will enable you to make instant cost savings on these tools, especially if the problem is an isolated issue that is not likely to recur.

Do it Yourself Transmission Repair:  Why It May Not Be a Good Idea

  1. Your Time is Precious

Taking the time to do the transmission repairs yourself may very well help you save money. However, taking apart a transmission system is a difficult and time-consuming affair that is bound to consume time you have allocated for other tasks. For instance, replacing a clutch plate may be a simple task for experienced auto mechanics in a shop, but it may take you a whole day or more to complete the same job when you do it yourself. When you take the car to the auto shop, it means you free yourself up for other commitments and you are able to get more things done.

So remember, take care of your vehicles.  And get transmission repair in Phoenix if your car is not working right.

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