Mileage Markers and Your Auto Repair Shop

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There are several points in the life of your car that you should be getting into an auto repair shop.  When is that?  Well, you need to open a book that most people never even crack: their car or truck’s owner’s manual.

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What Are Typical Mile Markers for Auto Repair?

What are typical mile markers for auto repair?  First off, always remember, that mile markers vary between makes and models of cars.  When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual.

For example, every 5,000 miles, you want to get an oil change done.  This is the most common form of service for pretty much every car.  Changing your oil every 5,000 miles is vital  for keeping the parts of your engine lubricated and working together perfectly.  You also want to check your tires as well as your brakes every 5,000 miles as well.  While it is important to check these based on your mileage, with Arizona, there is a repair that is tied to time as opposed to mileage, however.

You want to change your car battery every three years.  The extreme environment of Arizona can literally bake the moisture right out of your battery.  The next mile marker is at 30,000 miles.

Scheduled Auto Service:  30,000 Miles and More

What happens at your 30,000 miles?  Well, you want to look at getting a tune up.  It’s also a great time to have your belts and hoses checked, as well as replacing your car or truck’s fluids.  At 50,000 miles, you want to have your shock and struts looked at, as well as the seals.  At 60,000 miles it is time to replace your car’s timing belts replaced.  70,000 miles is time to replace your water pump as well as your fuel pump.  On the subject of fuel pumps, make sure that you don’t let your car’s low fuel light come in.  Make sure to put gasoline in your car before this light comes on.  The more you delay getting gas the more likely you are to damage your fuel pump.  You want to be diligent on your maintenance schedule.

While we hope that this guide is helpful to you, again, don’t count on it 100%.  Instead, you want to look over your car or truck’s manual to see your manufacturer’s timeline.  Another thing that you want to think about is that scheduled auto maintenance is usually not as expensive as a full blown auto repair.

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