Is It Oil Change Time For Your Car

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Is it time to change your car’s oil?  It may be, depending on a lot of different factors…

Get Your Car's Oil Changed | 623-875-9500

Get Your Car’s Oil Changed | 623-875-9500

Oil Changes: They Still Need to Happen

Older cars needed a lot of oil changes.  In the olden days, cars needed oil changes every 1,000 miles.  If that doesn’t sound like much, consider that if you live in a major metropolitan area such as Phoenix, you can easily put that many miles driving around town and in just a couple of months. Because of changes in lubricant technology, the timetable of oil changes changed to every 3,000 miles, which while an improvement is still a very low number with driving.  Modern cars, however, are currently at or around 5,000 miles.

The real danger that you can run into with oil changes is to believe that because of the changes in technology, you no longer need to change your car’s oil.  Wrong! If you don’t change your oil, your car’s engine will start to work too hard, until finally the oil that is in your engine not only burns off, it loses its viscosity, then instead of shelling out a few bucks for an oil change, you’re shelling out thousands for a new engine.  So remember, change your oil every 5,000 miles.  And you have to be careful, because a lot of car makers still propagate the myth that you have to do your oil change at each 3,000 mile mark.

Oil Changes: Don’t Be Fooled

Oil technology has changed a lot  in recent years, but a lot of people are still suckered into believing that an oil change has to happen every 3000 miles.  As a result, they are wasting money as well as contributing to environmental problems.  While 5,000 is a good area to shoot for, some cars nowadays can wait until the odometer hits 15,000 miles.  Why are people so easily suckered into getting unnecessary oil changes?  Well, if knowledge is power, than the lack of knowledge would seem to indicate that a person is easily taken advantage of.  Automakers and oil companies know too well that most people never even crack open their owner’s manuals. This is a great shame because your owner’s manual is a source of incredibly valuable information.  What trips people up is that your owner’s manual is not supposed to be read, it is a reference book.

So, don’t be deceived. Make sure you get yourself an honest mechanic who knows how often you should change your oil.

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