Clutch Repair and Your Car or Truck

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There is a big difference between a manual transmission and an automatic transmission.  While both types of vehicles need repair sooner or later, not every car needs clutch repair.

If you need Auto  Repair in Peoria , Call us Today 623-875-9500

If you need Auto Repair in Peoria , Call us Today 623-875-9500

Who Needs Clutch Repair?

Who needs clutch repair?   Well, not all vehicles need it for sure.  While they’re not that common, there are still vehicles that are made with a manual transmission.  Europeans love them for example, and over there, it is a lot rarer to find an automatic than a a manual.  Clutches are found on vehicles that do not have an automatic transmission, obviously. A lot of people assume that automatic transmissions are in each and every car around, but they’re not. Look at sports cars by way of example. A lot of sports cars have clutches instead of automatic transmissions.

What is the way to  tell if your car has a clutch?  Simple. take a look at your gear shift. A manual transmission except for park and reverse is all numeric.  An automatic transmission, however, has an alphanumeric sequence.  You’ll see automatic transmissions with labels such as P (Park), R (Reverse), D (Drive), 1( 1st Gear) and so on.. Still in doubt?  Count your pedals. A car with automatic transmission will have only two pedals on the floor, namely the gas pedal and the brake.  A car with manual transmission or a clutch will  have three pedals, the left most of which is your clutch.  Yet another way to tell is the position of the gear shift.  You will never see a manual transmission mounted on a steering wheel.  Other than how they’re labeled, how many pedals they have, and where the gear shift is, what’s the difference between them?

What’s the Difference in Transmissions?

An automatic transmission is well, automatic. You only shift gears very infrequently.   A manual transmission, on the other hand, requires you to shift a lot more.  For example, if you’re increasing your speed, unless you’ve already reached fourth gear requires you to shift gears as you speed up, and again when you slow down.  A good way to remember it is CSR, which stands for Clutch, Shift, and Release.  If you have a car with a manual transmission, you press the clutch pedal down, shift gears, and then release your clutch.

If you have a clutch, take care of it.  Get it in to a shop that does clutch repair in Peoria.

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