Automobile Electrical Systems (Contd.)

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If you need auto electrical repair, remember that your electrical system is just that: a system.  As such, there are a lot of wires that are present in your car…

Auto electrical system repair | 623-849-9392

Auto electrical system repair | 623-849-9392

Auto Electrical Repair and Wiring

Your car has a lot of wires as part of it’s electrical system.  But how do you know which wire is which.  Open your car’s hood and you will see a bewildering collection of them.  However, according to the How Cars Work website…

“Wire and cable sizes are classified by the maximum amperage that they can carry safely. A complex network of wires runs through the car. To avoid confusion, each wire is colour coded (but only within the car: there is no national or international system of colour-coding). Most car handbooks and service manuals include a wiring diagram which can be difficult to follow.The colour-coding, however, is a useful guide to tracing wiring. Where wires run side-by-side they are bound together in a bundle, in a plastic or fabric sheath, to keep them tidy and less difficult to fit. This bundle of wires stretches over the length of the car, with single wires or small groups of wires emerging where necessary, and is called the wiring loom. Modern cars often need room for many wires in confined spaces. Some manufacturers now use printed circuits instead of bundles of wires, particularly at the rear of the instrument panel. Printed circuits are plastic sheets on which copper tracks have been ‘printed’. Components are plugged directly into the tracks. A few modern cars have flexible printed circuits. The copper tracks are printed in ribbons of flexible plastic, which replace the whole wiring system.” [READ MORE]

Why are there so many wires in your car?  Well, modern cars are a lot more sophisticated with dozens of computer modules.

Auto Electrical Repair: What You Should Know

Your car’s computer modules control a lot of functions of your car.  Your fuel pump?  Computerized.  Your transmission and differential?  Computerized.  Your ignition system?  Computerized.  And when we speak of computers we’re not referring to a laptop or a computer.  Most automobile computer modules are fairly simple as them control only a set series of functions.  However, they are interconnected, forming in a way, a computer network.

So remember, your car is complex.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, there can be a big learning curve.  So call your auto repair shop in Phoenix for any questions you may have or take your car in immediately.


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