Auto Repair: Some Final Thoughts to Ponder

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There are some final things to consider about finding an auto repair shop.  Even though it may sound complex it is actually quite simple really.

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Auto Repair in Phoenix AZ: Play Nice

In addition to reviews and certifications, another thing to look forward to in a mechanic is their basic people skills.  Customer service or soft skills is one of those qualifications that can’t be emphasized enough.  Let’s face it.  Unless you’re going in for a scheduled maintenance job, when your car isn’t working, you are probably stressed out.  The last thing you need is a surly or hostile mechanic, or worse yet, one who is condescending regarding your situation.  There are certain universal service skills that even a mechanic should have when dealing with customers.

Without these skills in place, the shop in question is a primary target for a bad online review at least, but more importantly, they will start to lose customers.  First off, an auto mechanic should listen to what the problem is, or the reason you are in the shop to begin with.  If you are in there for scheduled maintenance,  you’re going to have a different set of requirements than someone who is coming in with problems with their engine.  There is an art to listening.  First off, patience is key.

Patience, Knowledge, and Time:  Skills of a Good Mechanic

Let’s take a look at a visit to an auto repair shop.  If the guy behind the counter is rude and interrupts you before you can tell him what the problem is,  then you’re probably going to make a mental note of it.  It’s important to provide great service, not just fast service.  Good customer service means attentiveness and competence, not “take a number and stand in line.”  It also means that even in the case of a busy repair day, the guy behind the counter should greet you when you come in.  That’s just good manners. The final thing to consider is the most precious commodity we all have:  our time.  That’s why a mechanic should do your repair in a timely manner and not “when he gets to it.”  You also want the repair done right in one visit.  A bad mechanic will make you come back again and again for a repair that should have been done all at once.

So remember, when it’s time to find someone to work on your car, do a bit of research and trust your feelings.  Then you know you not only have a mechanic, you have a mechanic that you can trust.

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