Auto Repair: Reputation Matters

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If you know how to find an auto repair shop, one thing to look for is what sort of reputation do they have?

Find a Mechanic in Phoenix You Can Trust | 623-849-9392

Find a Mechanic in Phoenix You Can Trust | 623-849-9392

Why a Good Reputation Matters with Auto Repair

There are a lot of problems in the auto repair industry.  First off, there is a lot of dishonesty.  It is easy for a mechanic to be dishonest if you consider how complex most vehicles are.  Unless you have a car repair background, a mechanic can throw a term at you that will make you blink and wonder what he’s talking about.  In the old days, shady mechanics could ply their trade with very little oversight.  Oh they might get a bad reputation, but it was usually limited and quickly forgotten.  Nowadays, however, if a mechanic isn’t honest, he will get a bad reputation in a place where it can last forever:  online.

Are all reviews about an auto repair shop to be trusted?  No.  If the reviews are universally positive, then you want to look at them skeptically.  After all, it is fairly easy to create a profile on a review site, and leave a glowing review for someone.  You want to make sure that the reviews cover a wide range of opinions instead.  However, one thing to watch for is negative reviews that are specific.  For example a review like: “they broke another part when fixing my _____, and dared to try to charge me for that repair too,” is a big red flag.  As to why specifics matter, it is also just as easy to create a bad review on a review site as it is to create a false positive review.  However, don’t just count on online reviews, ask your friends and family as well.  If they have a good experience, they’ll tell you and the same holds true for a bad one.

An Auto Mechanic That You Can Trust

Why is finding an auto mechanic that you can trust so important?  Well, you don’t want to pay more for an auto repair than you have to.  Another positive thing that comes with certification is the fact that there is a level of trust involved, particularly if it is ASE or ATI certification.

So remember, mechanics are not created equal.  Find an auto repair shop in Phoenix or in your own local area that you can trust and once you have one, keep him.

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